Hello and welcome to my blog my precious little visitor. My name is Zakky and this my website; Zakky’s Writing Blog.

I am an aspiring author of totally awesome content. Like for real, once I start publishing my works, you’ll never be bored again. I’m 100% original. My work is 100% original and my content on here will be 100% original.

My passion for writing is definitely fiction: I love making up stories and writing about great characters (I especially love characters with heavy flaws: so expect a lot of them 😁.)

To compliment great characters, I love to include riveting plot lines. And not just twisting and turning plot lines, but ones that throw the ball completely out of the park!

But I’m not all about writing and forcing ya’ll to read my books hehe, I’m also a huge student by my own accord and have learnt so many things about publishing and business related topics that I just must share them with you.

So alot of my blog and its posts will be dedicated to helping my fellow wanna-be-authors with information and tips that I wish someone could have provided to me years ago.

I’ll also be tossing in some reviews Β and recommendations about other great and extremely original – I’m all about originality in books guys – books I’ve discovered. So stay tuned.

And please, make yourself comfortable, have a scroll through my pages, give me a follow, be generous with your likes and comments and reach out and say “hey hey.”

Peace out!! ✌