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How To Build Your Author Audience #1

Step One: Become A Follower

For all of those who have just stumbled onto my site; hello and welcome to Zakky’s Writing Blog!!! The place to come for all your author audience building needs!

Okay so the first ever step to building your own writer/ author audience (or any other audience) is to become a follower of the industry yourself.

And when I say become a follower, I also mean to involve yourself into the book writing/reading community (or any other community you’re trying to make a name for yourself in.

You can do this by actively participating online, going to bookish events like book launches and comic cons or simply by reaching out and subscribing to channels and industry figures that you click with, online.

Please not: Due to my limited experience in person; meaning I’ve never been to a book launch of related event, I can only share my wisdom of how to become an online follower of the industry.

If you’re an aspiring author/writer, then the first place I would recommend for you is Goodreads.

Goodreads is a social platform for book bloggers/ writers/ authors and reviewers.

On the platform you can add friends, (connecting your Facebook account helps,) you can follow your favourite authors. But I think the main purpose and its best feature is your ability to record the books you’ve read or are currently reading; you can rate them, write a review for them and see what other people think of them.

There’s also this super cool reading challenge where you select the number of books you plan on reading in a year and then at the end of the year it gives you a percentage of how well you did at it.

Goodreads is a super cool website/app that you can start your author following on by connecting with similar minded people who enjoy the same books as you do.

Goodreads works best if you do actually actively participate. It has a list of the top 100 reviewers/librarians and readers of the week so that is something you should definitely invest into. Try your hardest, put all your effort into it and see if you can rip into the top 100s list.

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That’s one way to interact with readers and writers. Here’s a second; follow booktubers. If you don’t know what a book tuber is, it’s a YouTube personality who talks, reviews, promotes and recommends books.

Some of my favorite booktubers out there are:

Jesse @ Jesse The Reader

An American booktuber who I’m absolutely certain holds the unofficial, untalked about title of King Of Booktube 👑 He is super creative and has a lot of fun videos to watch all about books!

Jesse’s Goodreads

Jesse’s Twitter

Jesse’s Instagram

Catriona @ Little Book Owl

Who is an Australian booktuber who also works in the bloomsbury publishing house. She has considerable influence in the reading community. And I don’t know why, but I swear she is british!!

Catriona’s Goodreads

Catriona’s Twitter

Catriona’s Instagram

Regan @ PersueProject

Is another american booktuber who also shares with her fans her new clothes and accessories, and often tells audience members exactly what she wears and where to find them!!!

Regan is again one the reigning industry queens of the booktuber community.

Regan’s Goodreads

Regan’s Twitter

Regan’s Instagram

Christine @ Poland Bananas Books

Would have to be up there with Jesse The Reader in her numbers of subscribers and her influence. She’s definitely the Queen Queen Bee of Booktube. Her humour and fun filled videos definitely help!

She is another American booktuber.

Christine’s Goodreads

Christine’s Twitter

Christine’s Instagram

Tilly @ Tilly And Her Books

Is another Australian booktuber, and one that is definitely on the more concentrated side of the scale. Her audience is relatively smaller, but even so, Tilly still has considerable influence among Australians. Her favorite author is Markus Zusak, author of The Book Theif, and aswell as manning a youtube channels, she also has a side hobby and business of making book inspired bath bombs. And she’s totally awesome. Don’t forget that guys.

Tilly’s Goodreads

Tilly’s Twitter

Tilly’s Instagram

Peter Monn @ Peter Likes Books

And Peter Monn, one of the funniest and most sassy book tubers in the community. He’s another small time booktuber, and author who takes considerable care of small time self publishers. He is really great. And while he’s only a small time booktuber, he’s very big in the drama scene on his drama channel. He’s fantastic, really enthusiastic and he loves books!!!

Peter’s Goodreads

Peter’s Twitter

Peter’s Instagram

Samantha @ Sam’s Nonsense

Sam’s such a sweat heart, like you can’t not like Sam. She’s another great American booktuber. She loves to calculate all sorts of things with her books. She really loves her number of pages read in a month calculations and she’s just so damn sweet!!

Sam’s Twitter

Sam’s Instagram

Some of them do do paid promotions for publishing houses and authors while others just promote their absolute favorite books and authors.

Another great and suprising platform to connect, network and build your author audience on is Twitter. Yes! I know, crazy! One of the most unpopular social media platforms seems to be absolutely buzzing with readers, book enthusiasts, authors and publishers.

Every booktuber listed above has an active twitter account. Every publisher and author has an account and both groups use it generously to spread hype about new releases.

So if you don’t already have one, grab a twitter account and get informed, join the conversation.

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And the last and final social media platform I would recommend is Instagram. There is a strong community of book bloggers on their too. Lots of great pictures of books made all nice and pretty, but that’s about all. Some bloggers on Instagram do write the occasional review and share some great fan art but apart from that it’s just great photography of books.

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