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Avoid dead social circles!

The worst thing you could possibly do as an author, trying to build your online audience, is entering a dead circle.

That’s step two of building your author audience: Avoid Dead Circles At All Costs!!

What is a dead circle? Let me give you an example: the self publishing community: full of good authors, full of bad authors, full of books and works of literature to buy and read, but vacant of all customers, vacant of readers.

See here is the problem: none of these people are interested in BUYING books. Self publishers are there to sell.

“Buy books? I’m here to sell them dammit!” – Quote every self publisher ever.

And then there is the discrimination as, what do we all think of self publishers? They suck, they couldn’t get a publisher to back them, they probably haven’t edited their… How do I trust a self publisher? Imagine? Me? BUYING books from someone who is “inexperienced” “new” “unfamiliar” “someone who couldn’t get a publisher to back them so they’ve had to do it themselves”

I know it’s quite contradictory really. And I think that is why there is such a struggle for self publishing authors. They have to support each other and it doesn’t really work.

Another social dead circle: people who share Amazon book giveaway posts. Oh they are some spammy spam. I think that arena of Amazon need some serious governing/upgrading, whatever you want to call it.

Typically dead social circles only ever consist of spam and book giveaway spam. There is no intelligent content in them.

There are dead circles on every social media platform. There are dead circles on twitter, dead circles on YouTube, dead circles on Instagram, dead circles on Facebook.

They are everywhere. And whats worse than a dead circle? A dead account. At one point during my previous publishing experience, I actually sent a copy of one my books to a book reviewer on YouTube who averages 1 view a video! The insanity of it!!!

I actually sent a book to a youtuber who noone actually watches!!! Wtf was I thinking??

Another stupid thing I did was approach a self publishing magazine in which I spent $150 placing an add (book listing) in their magazine so that it could circulate around the other self publishers who only brought a copy of the magazine so they could place an add it in!!!

So here is step number two in building your author audience platform, do not under any circumstances approach dead social circles or dead accounts to help you build your fan base.

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