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The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows – Now Free To Read

Hey everyone,

So due to manuscript issues – that being there is waaaayyy too much information – I’m currently posting the majority of the unnecessary story onto my new website, for free, for people to read.

I’ve broken it into parts and am posting it in parts every month.

It’s honestly a bit weird, there is defs some cringe worthy writing in their, but it’s incredibly important to the rest of the series that I’m currently writing.

Its sort of more like the wookiepedia equivalent for star wars, but it’s written along a one character storyline. And like I said it’s incredibly important for the books to come.

So if you fancy burying your head in the sand, and would like to be utterly ignorant of world problems, then I definitely encourage you to check it out!

For more info, click Here

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