Who is Zakky MC?

I’m just a guy, with big dreams, a wild imagination, a string of minimal harm addictions, and a love for books and fictional realities.

My actual name is Zakkarie Dio Montgomery-Cole, which is a mouthful for anyone and everyone, to say the least. So I shorten it all the time to Zak D. Cole, or Zakky MC, or Zakkarie Dio, but I have commitment issues and always struggle to keep a nickname. For now it’s Zakky MC, but who knows what – or should I say WHO – 2020 will bring? 

Me! But more specifically, me as Zakky MC!

The reason I call myself Zakky is because I’m cruel and funny and enjoy listening to employers and staff at big tough agencies go from super uber-professional, to “Zakkyyyyyy…”

And it always cools down the tension in the room when people have awful news to deliver:  “Zakkyyyyy… It looks like your tax return is the subject of fraudulent activity!” See, not as tense. So it serves as kind of a double purpose.  

And also, as I tell all my friends, it makes me sound cute!  

Who is Zak D. Cole?

Zak D. Cole was a moron! And a loser! And an idiot!

Zak D. Cole is my old Pen Name. It’s the name I self-published under before I realized my books weren’t going anywhere and decided to call it quits for a while.

The following books were published under Zak D. Cole

  • Sun Lust

    This is my amazing sister, Sharna MC, with my book: A Cry Of Canvases.
  • A Cry Of Canvases
  • A Fall Of Pharaohs
  • The Canvas Curse
  • The New Head Witch
  • Kruel Kapsa
  • Rotten Apple

Zak D. Cole’s books are all retired now, sorry about that.

Zak D. Cole is Dead.

Long Live Zakky MC!!

(PS: I am super lame.)

Why did Zak D. Cole change his name to Zakky MC?

Zak D. Cole. Look at him. What a dick!

Let’s be honest, Zak D. Cole sounds like Zak The Old and that is really gross, because I’m only 22. So that’s one of the reasons.

The other reasons include:

  1. I’m trying to bury my failures with the fictional corpse of Zak D. Cole.
  2. I have commitment issues and wanted something different.
  3. Zakky MC just sounds way better. It has a nice ring to it.

WHEN did Zakky MC start writing?

I started writing when I was 16 or 17. (2013 – 2014)

At first I started writing scripts for a television series that I thought would be spectacular on screen. But after struggling with a plot line, for some stupidly naive reason, I thought: hey, you know what? I bet publishing a book is waayyy easier then getting a pilot episode on to TV! YEAH RIGHT ZAKK! DICKHEAD!!!! And it’s safe for me to say that I’m pretty sure getting a script into production would have been ten times easier.

The trigger moment for my book writing days was when I heard about a short story competition I wanted to enter. I never actually ended up submitting anything to the competition, but it did motivate me to get pen to paper again.

WHY did Zakky MC start writing?

I started writing for a couple of reasons:

  • The first and most influential reason being that I was completely obsessed with the characters and the world-building-vision I’d created for my first book. I didn’t ever want to let it go, and the more I wrote, the more infinite parts of the story I wanted to express.
  • The second reason was, due to my circumstances, I couldn’t get my hands on any good books. And when I say circumstances, I mean: 1) my school library had really boring and bad quality books, 2) I couldn’t afford to buy books, 3) I generally didn’t know that good books existed.
  • And the last reason is because I was extremely bored. I guess I was trying to entertain myself.

What does Zakky MC like most about reading books?

I read for three reasons,

  1. To learn new things
  2. To develop my own craft, and
  3. To escape my own boring existence.

My favorite part about reading is probably learning about interesting characters.

What does Zakky MC like most about writing books?

My favorite part about writing books is the control. You get to determine what happens, and decide who lives and dies, and that is kind of thrilling in a way. And I especially love building up a world just so I can personally totally destroy the fucker. I like dramatic tragedies.

Who is Zakky MC’s favorite author of all time?

  1. Ayn Rand, author Atlas Shrugged and The Fountain Head
  2. Jodi McAlister, author of The Valentine Series

If Zakky MC had the choice, which publishing house would he choose to publish his books with?

If I had the ultimate choice, it would definitely be Pantera Press.

Pantera Press is an Australian publisher, who I personally think do a lot of great work for their authors. They promote them really well, and treat them really well, and that kind of care and support would just be absolutely amazing.

Zakky MC’s favorite book of all time?

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

Zakky MC’s favorite book series of all time?

The Valentine series by Jodi McAlister.

  1. Valentine
  2. Ironheart
  3. Misrule

Zakky MC’s favorite fictional character of all time?

Dominick Francon from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

Zakky MC’s favorite movie character of all time?

Chancellor Palatine (Dark Sidious) from the Star Wars Prequels.  

Who is Zakky MC’s fictional crush?

Finn Blacklin from the Valentine series by Jodi McAlister

He is just so stupid and cute and an overall piece of white trash and omfg, who wouldn’t crush on him?

What is Zakky MC currently working on?

I’m currently working on the publication of my online book, The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows, which is basically a derivative from another book I’m working on, The Wood Witch. 

The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows was originally going to be published in The Wood Witch, but due to the size of the manuscript, I’ve decided to publish The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows on my website. You can start reading it by clicking HERE.

The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows is the story of a young Willow Bee, who falls from the World of Earth and into another colonization of worlds. It’s written in first person diary entries and serves as a story and an information bible for my upcoming books. In the diary entries, it tells the story of Willow’s reception to the worlds and the journeys she embarks upon, all the while giving readers a informative guide to the worlds I plan on using in my upcoming books.