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Author: Zakky MC

Zakky MC, formally known as Zak D. Cole is the self published author of several now retired titles. After failing to make book sales because of his lack of a business plan, a readership following and a genuine approachable character, Zakky MC has become an advocate for education, self development and business planning. When it comes to reading and writing, Zakky's thing is originality. Zakky loves to read books with unforgettable characters that are 1) extremely human, and 2) awfully flawed. To Zakky, flawed characteristics in characters make them more relatable. One thing that Zakky MC cannot stand in the publishing industry, and that he would never consciously commit to any of his readers, is the act of using a recycled plot or story-line. To Zakky, reusing a plot that's just become a bestseller - so lets flood the market with similar content - is 1) distasteful 2) tacky and 3) lazy for all parties involved in a book's publication. When Zakky MC reads a book, he wants to see something fresh. Something weird. Something that borderlines 'this is a bit sketchy' and 'I don't know how I feel about this.' And that is exactly how he writes. To 1) push the boundaries, and 2) make his readers question himself and themselves, and 3) stir the pot. Zakky doesn't always want the books he writes, and the books he reads, to make sense. He lives for the stories that are un-explainable, full of loose ends, and endings that can be left up to the reader's imagination.

Zakky’s Review of OUR DARK DUET by V.E. SCHWAB

Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab My rating: 4 of 5 stars “Where are you?” She murmured, wondering how other Kates in other lives were spending their night. She’d always liked the idea that there was a different you for every choice you made and every choice you didn’t, and somewhere out there were Kates

Zakky’s Review Of A FEW RIGHT THINKING MEN by Sulari Gentill

I saw Archie today.”
“What’s he doing?”
“Oh, Rowly.” Edna wrapped her arms around a cushion and hugged it under her chin. “He was picking up cigarette butts from the platform. I think he may be sleeping at Happy Valley.” She shuddered. The unemployment camp out at La Perouse was a desperate, violent place – the refuge of those without any other choice.

Review: VALENTINE – Jodi McAlister

…Something creepy is going on. Something terribly creepy is going on. Marie is dead and Cardy got ankle shot and my Finn dreams are getting even more graphic, and there are black cats and black birds everywhere, and I think Finn was right about that horse being super weird and now I’m tied to my own bed by my own hair and WHY DOES NOTHING MAKE SENSE?…

This Savage Song, Zakky’s Review

Where are you, Kate? she asked herself.
It was a game she sometimes played, ever since she learned about the theory of infinite parallels, the idea that a person’s path through life wasn’t really a line, but a tree, every decision a divergent branch, resulting in a divergent you. She liked the idea that there were a hundred different Kates, living a hundred different lives.