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A FALL OF PHARAOHS (VOL. 2 The Collapse Of Cards Series)

A Fall Of Pharaohs, the second book – now retired – is an intoxicating new young adult-fantasy series about witches, wizards, fairies, and mermaids – who once lived in harmony – are now on the verge of inter-racial war as tensions raise, their common governemnt – The Communion – falls apart from the inside, the ruling pharaohs are fighting each other on the insides of space and time, and an anicent evil has returned.

This is where it all gets messy…

  • A Cry Of Canvases and A Fall Of Pharoahs are going to be combined into one book. That book will be called THE WOOD WITCH!
  • A Fall Of Pharaohs is the second half of The Wood Witch.

This is the original cover for A Fall Of Pharaohs. It doesn’t have any title or author information on the front but it does have the title and my name on the spine. There’s a full cover pic below.

The cover is made up of what I call The Coloured Cards. To read more about that, click the button below.


So basically, following the chaotic end of the Coven in A Cry Of Canvases the New Head Witch – who is suspiciously more mysterious than the Old Head Witch first realised – has taken a form of control over the coven and the island, and has locked the majority of the residents up in the old Island Asylum, but here’s the catch; NO ONE CAN GET OUT. Not the staff. Not the patients. Not the witches inside.

And to make things worse; pharaohs, who should be long dead, are popping up all over the place and are continually interferring, in attempt to… No one really knows… But it sounds alot like trying to save something. Probably the worlds, probably just themselves, maybe everything. And no one really understand whats going on anymore. And the Communion – them useless government idiots – still have not turned up to help.

Will I republish it?

Yes. I don’t know when. But I do plan on getting this whole series back into the game, in the near future. I’m currently working on a book that has a story focus before the events in A Cry Of Canvases and A Fall Of Pharaohs, so that will mostly come first, I haven’t got a title for it yet. But definitely look out for The Wood Witch. That’s what this books and A Cry Of Canvases will be called. So look out for that one.

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