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Kruel Kapsa is my darkish-urban-fantasy short story. Kruel Kaspa is a wizard who leans on the darker side of the magical arts to deal with his problems. And he’s gay. And that’s about all I can really tell you about the book because of how short it is.

Kruel Kapsa is actually based off a pretty screwed up dream I once had….

….Which, if you ever end up reading it, will think: WTF Zakk?

Review by Maria Weeks

Another fantastic review by Maria.

I actually published several different covers but they get tackier as you go along, haha. So – to my ultimate embarrasment, and against my ego’s better judgement – I’m going to showcase them..

This one (see below) is the official one.

The cover is kind of noobish…. but oh-well.

Oh, and you probably noticed, I’m pretty sure I spelt “its” wrong, so that a LOL and a half!

The next cover(s) are kind of weird.

Yes, I painted that myself – I am so damn artistic! – haha.

This cover is a tad weird. Basiacally, I was originally going to incorparate Kruel Kapsa into The Wood Witch series but I’m going to do the old switchero on that idea.

And the reason I mention that is because I created a tarot deck for the worlds in The Wood Witch series called The Colored Cards but I’m going to scrap that idea aswell. I plan on sharing and uploading The Colored Card onto my website, so look out for those!

Full cover.

Yeah, I know, SUPER CRINGE!

Will I republish it?

You can read Kruel Kaspa by clicking on the red button below.

Please note that this story may contain emotional triggers for certain individuals as it does contain SELF HARM and VIOLENCE themes.

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