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Kruel Kaspa – Chapter 1

Kruel Kaspa was only a wizard of seventeen, and yet in his small lifetime he’d already mastered the dark arts, conjured enough curses to taint a soul, been banished from his home World of Dobbingson and “accidentally” killed a man who’d bullied him, and yet there he was again – at the cusp of breaking, and ready to yield more trouble for the World of Morse. It all started when Kruel got dressed that very morning, he dressed in black robes and black boots with a stylish black hat – the hat was the cause of it all, it was a girls hat.

After dressing in robes and the problematic hat, Kruel set off in the direction of the library that sat around the corner from his cold cruel house infested with plant life. Kruel often visited the library for he thought it a powerful place, for all power comes from knowledge, though if truth be told, Kruel was already powerful enough. Too powerful… Which he would soon learn over the coming mmon-turn.

Funnily enough, the lesson to be learned was one that he could’ve missed entirely if he had waited to use the loo at the library, but Kruel had never been a patient boy. Instead he stopped halfway to the library to use the public bathroom in the Winfred Park.

He entered politely enough, did his business and was almost clear of the bathroom without any trouble.

Unfortunately, just as he was washing his hands, another boy about nineteen entered to use the loo too. The other teenager took one look at the problematic girls hat and was silly enough to call Kruel a “Bloody Faggot!” under his breath.

Kruel was furious, he hated that name, and was convinced he hated the boy he hardly knew. With a whip lashing of Kruel’s cruel tongue, he spat out “I bind you to hell!” And Kruel continued on, cheerfully whistling to himself.

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