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Kruel Kaspa – Chapter 3

The days went on… And Kruel continued to water his gardens, read his books, clean his house and go about casting spells so that he might win the lotto, and ever so occasionally his mind might wander to the boy in the bathroom… The name caller… The bully… The discriminator…

Though as many negative things he could think of to call the discriminating, name calling bully, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the lost soul. And so late at night Kruel went to visit the self saboteur. He was still there, though worse then he had been the last time Kruel visited.

The boy was huddled up in the corner with his thumb bitten off and dangling from his mouth. More blood and flesh covered the room, and Kruel found three other fingers of the boys left hand sitting casually on the sink basin. “How come no one’s found you yet? Isn’t the Council suppose to clean this facility?” The boy gave Kruel no more of an answer than a stare with his desperate – longing black eyes.

“Fine. I’ll get help.” Kruel had a soft spot for pitiful eyes, as unbelievable as it sounded.

First, Kruel travelled to Oak Town in search of his wizard friend Kola. He found him in a shack on the waters edge of a river infested with living logs. Kruel told Kola all about what the boy in the bathroom had done, and then all about what he himself had done, what he had chanted and declared, and finally how he’d decided to go in search of an anti curse. Kola was speechless until he finally decided. “You are a horrible person.”

“I know that. Its one of my best qualities.”

“Look. I can’t help you. But I know a chick who may be able to. She lives down Squirmier Street.

“Which is where?”

“Head straight up this street. Turn right two blocks up, then take a left at the next break. Go beneath the underpass, jump the fence at the blue house, crawl through the gutter pipes, swing across the river on a vine and then her house is the second one on the right of the street you’ll climb onto.” So Kruel did so…

… He arrived at a plain enough house, gracefully breezing up the front steps and onto the porch. The door was as old as the town he was visiting, it was probably the first house built! He knocked on the door… He waited briefly, and knocked again, and again, and again. But no one was answering. “Colour me purple and call me a bruise!” The wizard cursed before he gave up and went in search of another witch or wizard who maybe able to help.

He did know of one certain coven that lived miles away, up the coast. “It better be worth it.” And so he continued his venture, this time taking advantage of the night and a witch’s transport. Onto a broomstick he hoped and up and up he flew. He arrived at another witch’s house at sunrise.

This witch’s house was gorgeously luxurious being half made of glass. The frame was common stainless steel. And inside it was filled with plant life, a better vegetation then even his house!

Kruel raced to the door in anticipation to go inside – not for the boy he was trying to save – for a chance to inspect and drool upon the plants growing inside. He knocked, but couldn’t find it in his cold heart to wait, and so he began pounding the door with his fist, demanding to be let in.

An old hag as thin as a stick answered the door with a scowling frown hanging onto her face. “What do you want?” Demanded the witch.

“Well… Excuse You!” Kruel snapped back, quite offended. “But I’m here on a very important diplomatic mission!”

“No you’re not!” Scowled the very grumpy woman.

“Yeah I know, truth be told I just want to look at your plants! Can I come in? Thanks.” He rudely pranced inside admiring the beauty of the hags house while she hovered over and around him in disgust.

“Well aren’t you one of the rudest little teenagers I’ve had the misfortune to meet!”

“I know. One of my best qualities.”

“Stop right there, young man!”

“What are you gonna do?” Making himself at home, Kruel began to snap branches off the little trees growing inside. “You mind if I clone these?” He asked not actually interested in the answer.

“No you may not!”

“Whatever…” Kruel spun around. “Look, Madam Hag, I’m not actually here to steal your plants, but they make a good souvenir, I’ll always remember you.”

“Then what are you here for?”

“Oh… Well, some answers.”


“Okay, so I may have…” Madam Hag – as Kruel called her – was mortified by the time the intruder finished his tale about how he had “simply” bound a man to hell. “And wow. It always sounds so much worse when you say out loud, aye?”

“That is one of the worse curses imaginable, Kruel!” Scowled Madam Hag.

“I figured. So, do you have any suggestions?” Kruel finally asked.

The witch pursed her lips tight. “There is only one thing I can think of. And I can already tell by your attitude you’re not going to like the answer.”

“Does anyone ever truly enjoy the truth?”

“The lovers kiss. It’s the only way!”

“You’ve gotta be kidding right!”

“Do I look like someone who kids?” Asked the hag.

“No, I think that’s your problem.”

“Get out.”

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