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Sun Lust is the worst book I ever wrote. It is super gross. It’s basically a conspiracy theory – political thriller – sci-fi – PORNO. Yes, you understand me correctly. It is seriously sick. Which brings me to a great point: NEVER EVER WRITE A BOOK FOR SUBMISSION EDITORS! Always write for yourself.

Sun Lust is quite honestly the most disgusting book I ever wrote!


Thankfully, there are no reviews, and I severly hope that no-one ever-ever read or reads this book. There are copies out there. Which scares the hell out of me. But hopefully, the unlucky few who have a copy, never read it. Hopefully, it just sits on their TBR list and is completely forgotten for the rest of eternity. In fact, I kind of hope their houses burn down so they never ever get the chance to read it.

The Many Different Covers

I kind of had a load of time on my hands when I was busy NOT selling copies of this book, so naturally, I was trying out loads of different looks for a manusript I should have trashed the minute I finished it.

What’s Sun Lust About Again?

So, Sun Lust was about a colony of people that lives in space. There are like four artificial planets spread throughout – kind of like the death star planets, minus the big ass death ray part of the death star – anyway one of the planets send a bunch of military vessels to blow another one up. And then the people that were on-board this Restuarant Space – Ship are the only survivors and boom, it’s practically a race against space to find out what’s really going on…

And then I filled it with porn and completely stuffed the whole thing up. MY BAD!

Will I Re-Publish It?

Absolutely not! NEVER EVER AGAIN! No way in the Whole Wide World! Not even for a MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT! This book is way too weird – and kind of perverted – and it’s just a super yuck book. WILL NOT BE REPUBLISHED!

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