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Gweyne and I left Galaxy to go on a “field trip” – was not a “field trip”, was not fun, was horrifying and scary and one of my worst nightmares come true!-  today.

She took me to visit the Dobbingson Weather Girl who lives in a small ghost town called Bell. We rode in a flutterbee – as per usual – and glided down through the world, and into the depths of a forest before zipping out at the Town of Bell. Gibbily Sibbley had been the driver of the beast, like always. I noticed that he likes to talk while flying, either to himself or the butterfly.

The Town of Bell was small and abandoned. It has a great bell tower and a whole two rows of cute little shacks. Deathly sick, yet still flowering trees surrounded the entire village, making the place seem quite eerie and dark.

Gweyne explained: “In each world, there is a master of weather who controls whether our days will be sunny, rainy, wet, dark, bright, humid, cool or even stormy. It all depends on the magician’s mood. Now, in the worlds of Rexonia, Scorpio, Ezarco, Shanahan and Scorpio; the weather girl, boy, man or woman is expected to be alive. But as our own weather girl feels somewhat… Discontent with her “life,” she has refused to move into the pastels, and so she remains a ghost and as the weather magician for the World of Dobbingson.”

I asked: “Can’t someone replace her?”

Gweyne replied.“Why, no, of course. For another weather magician to be born, the powers of the dead must be transferred, but as we have assumed, our weather ghoul is neither dead, nor alive. She is gone herself in physical, but she can still alter the physical. It’s an odd concept to understand, I know Wood Witch. Come let us meet her.”

And so I met her, Anna the Weather Girl, and guess who she was! Anna of Bell is that little ghoulish freak ghoul that’s been trying to steal my mother’s pendulum from me. I said hello and then lied to Gweyne – without a second thought – telling her that Anna faded from my sight. From there on, Gweyne gave me a lecture about closing my third eye and scaring the ghost! But oh well, at least she let us leave and return to the whale.

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