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What a horrible day! 

Gweyne took me out to the flutterbee landing platforms so I could learn how to fly. She even bought me a brand new broomstick! It was beautifully carved, like a diamond. The platform we stood on was cool and shady thanks to the colourful tree that hung over us, it really needed to be trimmed though. I saw Gibbily while we were down there too.

“Little Bee, you are a witch. And not only that, but a witch born from the family lines out of Scorpio. Flying is in your blood.” She handed me the broomstick and then tossed me off the platform, off Galaxy and into the ibis of the World. She was just going to let me fall to my death!

I screamed and cried out, and just, fell…

After a while of falling, Gweyne and Gibbily finally arrived swooping past me on a flutterbee, but they didn’t do anything to help! Gweyne just waved and smiled. “Hey Wood Witch, what are you doing?” She asked.

I started crying. “I don’t wanna die.”

Gweyne: “Then fly!”

Me: “I can’t!”

Gweyne: “Yes you can! You are the Wood Witch!”

Finally, before I fell through the forest only fifty feet below me, Gibbily started talking me though flying a broomstick. “Now now, Little Bee. The key is: do not panic. Now, firmly place both your hands around the broomstick, throw your leg over the stick and then position yourself on top of it. Then… Hmm… Just fly.”

Gweyne: “You must direct your mind to where you wish to go.”

Gibbily, while chuckling: “Ah yes, that’s right.”

And then BAM!

I almost flew. Instead, I crashed through the top of the forest trees and tumbled down through the branches and leaves before smashing into the hard ground. Now I have a purple bruise on my face, a broken leg and half the teeth I arrived into this world with.

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