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Gweyne and Gibbily PUSHED me into practising my FLYING again, and just like yesterday, they tossed me straight off the dam FlutterBee platform.

“Did she have a broom?” I heard Gibbily ask. And no of course I didn’t! They hadn’t given me another broom. And so again, I fell, straight through the forest and toward the hard ground. Thankfully, Gibbily and Gweyne were awaiting my fall and crash, and Gibbily was able to catch me in his strong hairy arms.

They then got me a new broomstick so we could continue pracitsing my ‘flying’ for the rest of the day.

Gweyne would toss me off the fin of the whale. I would fall, periously to my death. And Gibbily would catch me before I hit the floor of the forest.

Finally, I got sick of Gweyne tossing me over the edge so I just jumped, waiting for Gibbily to catch me, and to my surprise, I flew.

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