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I’d been carrying on happily with excitement all morning and all hours of the day, today, so much and so loudly that everyone in the Coloured Glass Castle knew that I was going to see the stars sing town. And Barte only arrived at dawn! But nonetheless, he took me out and we saw the stars at the Golden Ale Tavern in the Golden Apple Village! We saw Gibbily Sibbley, the FlutterBee Master. We saw Ina, the Forester. And even Shaie the Headmaster of the Dobbingson Palace (of course he and his company only live up the road.) 

“The Golden Ale Tavern is said to be the pub to be at on a wicca-day night, for the Golden Ale Tavern always has two pieces of entertainment, whereas other taverns, pubs and brothels only have one.” Now I’m not sure what a “brothel” is but Barte said that it didn’t matter.

At the Golden Ale they have a band of singers who pump saxophones and blow flutes and trombones all night. And then they have the Guest Star playing during the band’s breaks (and also when they’re too drunk to keep playing.) 

Barte me told all sorts of facts during the whole night – which I found quite disturbing – but I can’t blame him for he was heavy on the Devils Juice.

“A Star swears a holy oath never to drink alcohol or smoke anything other than clouds – as their bodies are considered the divine temples that we mortal folk must all look upon as models – they’re leading an example. But the band members however…. Well they’re either passed out, getting kicked out, chased out, or sometimes they even stumble out on their own drunk accord…” But Barte was also stumbling out of the tavern tonight, with a castle maid on his right arm, and me hanging onto his left.

“The Band of Singers always sing of the past and done, but many of the folk around the worlds believe that the stars sing of the prophesies and tales to come…. But as no one has ever lived to see one of the stars songs come of age, no one in all the lands has any proof, except for the star him or herself. The problem however, is that a star never sings the same song twice, and he or she always forgets what they sing fifty years before the prophecy lays itself out. Others believe that the stars write the future, and sing the vibrations into motion. And then others again, they just believe it’s by coincidence.”

The band was cheerful in their style, I noticed, whereas the Star was very deep, gospel and loud. Her voice was amazing and depressing, both in the same tune! I recorded my two favourite songs from the entire night, one was sung by the band, and the other by the fat Star.

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