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We’re still in Dobbingson, but the hospitality in the Eye is magnificent! There are serving fantasies and fairies, and food beyond imaginary. There’s bowls of grapes, and trays full of watermelon slices, walnuts and peanuts in large cups, ham strips and bacon bits on platters, bread rolls piles, and chalices of devil’s juice, apple juice, and orange juice! All of it being handed out by the fairy and fantasy wait staff. They’re even serving honey, butter and marinated chicken wings. The Whale’s eye has it all! 

I’m gasping. Lexus, the Captain, just asked if we’re all ready?

“Yeah, too right.” I yelled.

“Good.” He replied, laughing heartily.  

A tree face on the wall yelled out to me; “hold on to your seat, Little Bee.”

Oh that’s another thing! They’ve spent the whole moons-turn growing mushrooms in the floor for us all to sit on.

I’m gasping again. The trees are going to sleep! They’re snoozing off. The whale’s moaning, everyone in the world of Dobbingson can hear him! Actually I think he’s been asleep all week, he must be yawning.

The lights are flickering and the blood veins in the walls are getting brighter, the liquid is pumping harder. I can feel Galaxy moving, its drifting forward, the whole room – eye – control room – whatever it is we’re in – is shaking.

Galaxy just spat a humongous bubble. The bubble turned into a worm hole, all colourful and transparent. Were moving closer. We’re approaching the hole. We’re off! We’re in the colour hole. We’re travelling, “through time and space and along the colours and between the worlds.” Phrancis chipped in.

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