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It’s taking forever!

I thought it would take less then five minutes. How wrong I was. It’s taking hours.

Oh wait.

I see a black circle up ahead.

I see red.

We’re here. We’re inside a volcano. Okay now we’re not.

“We are here.” Lexus announced with a great laugh and another glass of Devil’s Juice. He must be drunk off his face by now.

Gweyne, Barte and Buckly all stood up from their mushroom seats and approached the whale’s eye to look out at the world. I was invited and followed them up.

The World is red and orange and maroon, the colours of burnt fire. It’s inside-out too, just like the World of Dobbingson. Jungles cover the lands that are not occupied by the hundreds of volcanoes peeking out at us. Some of the volcanoes are hot and over flowing with lava, others are dormant and cold, and several are still alive and breathing but calm for the moment. Large rocks and black plains tower high. Caves are everywhere. But no such stable civilisation can be seen sitting anywhere. Gweyne and Buckly were right when they told me the people were savage and feral. Barte told me they live in trees, caves and in little molten huts.

“Ah… Still the same as it was the last time we visited.” Barte commented cheerfully.

“Welcome to the World Of Scorpio, Wood Witch. This is your mother’s world of birth. And her kingdom of the Communion. These people belong to you in a sense.” Gweyne told me.

Phrancis, Lexus, Zector, and all of the servants are now up against the eye view, looking out at the world.

“That’s odd, there aren’t any dragons in the sky this time.” Commented Phrancis.

“Dragons?” There are dragons?

“Yes. There’s usually one or two feral ones flying around the skies.” Phrancis explained.

“Extinct!” Lexus declared.

I think the trees are beginning to wake behind me. They’re yawning and making funny noises.

“No.” Zector announced. “They’re not. Look. On the volcanoes, and on top of that dried tar platform.” One of the tree faces shuddered behind us. “What is it?” Zector asked the tree face.

Phrancis noticed something. “The dragons have been trained, look. There are people sitting on top of them.”

“Yes,” said Lexus. “And around them. They’ve been waiting. They expected us.”

The tree face closest to Lexus’s oak throne started to talk: “Chief-Warrior Wysteria Glast, demands to know if the rumours are true about Busbernith Bee’s daughter…”

“Wysteria Glast? Gweyne sounded aghast. “She’s a Dobbingson Born. What’s she doing in Scorpio? She hasn’t the Court’s permission….” Bla bla bla….

Wysteria Glast, the Dragon Trainer – the Daughter of the Dragon Slayer, Jacqueline Glast – that’ll be a treacherous family tree.

“Zector,” snapped Gweyne. “Have the tree face inform Wysteria that we will release no such information in hostility.”

Zector did so.

The tree face replied with; “unless the traitor’s daughter is among us, the dragon folk will continue to hold us in hostility. They demand that we hand over Little Bee as a form of peace offering, or we should fly away as quickly as Galaxy can swim.”

Zector: “They’re going to attack us!”

“Battle Stations.” Lexus called abruptly.

Everyone gasped.

“What? No! Prepare Galaxy for flight.” Phrancis ordered against her brother.

“I say, fight.” Lexus ordered again.

Phrancis: “We cannot fight. They have dragons.”

Lexus: “So? We have a whale. Galaxy is ten times there size. I say we fight.”

“The dragons are an endangered species.” Gweyne objected against Lexus. “They are protected by the laws of the Communion’s Endangered Species Of The World Act. The laws you put in place.”

“What do I tell Wysteria?” The tree face was panicking.

Lexus groaned in annoyance: “Prepare the beast for flight. But call all the guard to Galaxy’s defence. And the Covens too.” No one’s told me what the covens are, as of yet….

“Which world are we to travel to?” Zector asked the control room.

“Ezarco, and then onto Shanahan.” Lexus answered. “Barte Bee, do you agree?”

“Why, yes sir, of course. What a splendid idea.”

Lexus shrugged it off as nothing. “We’re already half way there…”

And so we were off as quickly as we came, and a good thing too as the dragons were beginning to take flight. Another hole opened in the sky and we zoomed on through on our merry way.

So from what I understand: Scorpio stands between Dobbingson, Ezarco and Shanahan, meaning that the worlds stand next to each other. And if one of the worlds is at war with the Communion, then the Communion can’t pass through the world without being attacked, meaning that there is a block of trade, travel and resources. My mother was the Heirophant of Scorpio when she became the traitor… So… The whole block of trade is most likely her fault.  No wonder the Communion hates her.

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