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It hasn’t been a good start to my year living in Shanahan. It’s only been a moon-turn and I’m already spooked, not to mentioned scared and horrified! On the first day here I met those of the house-hold and walked the entire property by myself. And then I was spooked by voices all that night – terrifying voices – they were croaky and taunting and kept whispering horrible things into my ear. They wanted me to murder people, including Barte and his wife.

I haven’t told anyone about the voices.

On the second day, I continually found myself seeing dead women and children.

The first ghost was a dead little girl, who I found hanging from a tall tree; her clothes were mucky and covered in filth, dirt and mud. I told Barte and his wife Evelyn about it, led them out to where she was, and even pointed her out, but they couldn’t see her.

The second and third ghosts, were two twin boys who I found mangled up and bloody, left for dead, in the depths of the long grass.

The fourth was a grown woman, drowned and ghastly white and floating in a waterless bath tub. She must have drowned years and years ago.

On the third day, I wouldn’t leave my room. I was too scared to even have breakfast that day. But not leaving my room didn’t stop me from finding something to be frightened about. When I was rearranging the cupboards, I found a box full of suicide notes. And then a Book of Shadows which belonged to a witch known as “The Swamp Witch.”

I am nothing to him. Bert doesn’t love me. He married me, put his filthy seed in me, and then left me to clean his sheets and wash his floors, scrub the walls and bleed the walls with water. He even hits me and abuses me, now. He wants a child but for some reason I cannot give him one. He makes me feel ugly, like a waste of space. I cried to my mirror last night, and the night before, and now I can no longer even see the beauty in myself.

The Swamp Witch, Book Of Shadows Diary Entry.

Last night, I ran home to my parents and told them all about how my husband abuses me and treats me ill, and yet they still sent me back. My parents want me to suffer! They want me to live out my life covered in bruises and beatings. I’ll be blue the next time I see them. I loved them, and now I hate them. It’s only me and my reflection from here on out. At least my mirror can never hurt me..

The Swamp Witch, Book Of Shadows Diary Entry

Dear Bert Coon. You have upset me. You have broken my heart and now I must depart this life. For I am miserable in my wake and inside my sleep: even in my own head you taunt me with your abuse. I have had enough. You have failed as a husband, as I have failed as a wife. Hopefully, in another life we may meet as a couple capable of loving each other. May the stars provide us with a chance to meet under different identities in different circumstances.

The Swamp Witch’s Suicide Letter To Her Husband Bert Coon

Book Of Shadows Entry:

They still don’t love me… Where ever I go they still don’t love me. I’m ugly. I’m hated. They don’t love me. They can never love me. They didn’t love me in Dobbingson. They didn’t love me in Chlorine. They hated me in Ezarco, and they despise me here in Shanahan. They always have, but I thought coming back as another person would change that. But it didn’t. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. I just want to be loved. I just want to be beautiful. I want to be free I want to be desirable. I want happiness and love.

The Swamp Witch, Book Of Shadows Diary Entry

Last night, I got my first taste of the half-humans and their wickedness. All night long, the howling of the werewolves carried on all night.

Today, we found three of Barte’s cows dead, our neighbour’s house ramp-sacked and the occupants missing, with “red paint” on the walls, so Evelyn tells me. And according to the Bourbon trees, four common peasants in our area were killed in, and one of the beasts was slain near the Shanahan-Morse Gate.

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