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Yesterday I pleaded with Barte to let me go back to live on Galaxy, but he said no. I can’t go back. “The Communion are in strife at the moment, and are busy handling political matters”.

I was so angry and sad and afraid – that he refused my pleas and reasoning about all the scary happenings – that I could have almost carried out what the voices were asking me to do; I was going to kill Barte Bee, but I didn’t, and a good thing too, because he took me to see the Star of Shanahan sing, tonight, so I forgave him. The male Star was just as beautiful of a singer as the Star in Dobbingson had been. My favourite song of his, was this one:

Song of The Shanahan Star

In the middle of the Great Lake,

Shall sit the Fallen Island from the worlds above…
Heart ache and pain shall separate them and make them vain…

Of crime and grime and leaders of the Great Divine…
The energies shall make them quite fine…

In the Age of Black and Blood and Gold and Pain,
Shall thy angels and demons bring us prosperity and gain…

The worlds shall be one under the heirophants slain,
And the Mermaid Pharaoh’s gain.

Song of the Shanahan Star, The Wood Witch’s Book of Shadows

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