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Barte can’t take me to see the Stars, tonight. He says he has to return to Galaxy. Apparently it’s urgent, but he didn’t share any details about the court matters with me or Evelyn. He didn’t even tell me that the Communion were leaving.

I literally felt my heart sink when I watched Galaxy fly away and disappear deep into the Shanahan Lake, on the far side of the world. I feel like I’m being abandoned, but Evelyn promises me they’ll be back.

I helped Pumbic with the gardening that afternoon, instead of listening to the sweet tunes of the stars, and helped Evelyn with dinner instead of watching Barte get wasted with a maid on his lap. I’ve never felt so depressed!

I had to pluck five Coco-leg plants out of the pumpkin patches, nurse the horse back to sleep and feed the cows for Pumbic. And then for Evelyn, I had to run up the street to our neighbours house, buy three potatoes, run back to Barte’s, peel and scrub the potatoes, and then set the table, ready for dinner. What a day of duty!

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