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Thank the colours of yellow and light blue!

Last night was the spookiest night I’ve ever had, worse than the night when the werewolves attacked the community. For two hours I had been sleeping, and then I shot awake. What for? I don’t recall… But it was overly humid in my room.

I couldn’t go back to sleep with the heat. So I thought I’d get the pendulum out and have a fiddle around with it. Then I heard a hiss. At first, I was sure it was the spook girl who is always trying to steal my mother’s pendulum. But this time it wasn’t. I checked my room; the wardrobes, the hallway, underneath my beds, even the kitchen, but it wasn’t inside, nor was it Her.

This time it was some horrible hissing creature made of swamp slop and roots, it was dark green and hideous to look at. I found it staring at me through the living room window, and then it smashed through the glass and came chasing after me. Oh colour me blue it was terrifying! I ran and I screamed, and so did it.

But it’s voice was heart wrenching. It screamed like a crow with a dried up throat, even knowing it was made of swamp slop and water. I think it was the swamp witch; the one that killed itself, or tried to anyway.

Eventually Evelyn and Pumbic woke up and were able to lock me away in the cupboard beneath the stairs for safety. After that, it clawed Pumbic to shreds and left a great bloody gash across Evelyn’s face. When Evelyn backed away screaming, the Swamp Beast clawed the stairs and its wardrobe door to shreds.

I screamed and wailed and prayed until eventually it ran away, and Evelyn let me out. I was so scared I was shaking for the rest of the night and wouldnt go back to sleep until the Sun of Shanahan took to the sky.

We buried Pumbic in the yard as soon as the Sun was dancing on the horizon. May Pumbic have sweeter dreams in the land of the forever night.

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