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The spooks never leave the house after Evelyn’s spell. They’re screaming at me and they have been for the last two nights! It Moonday night, meaning the werewolves are out howling like drunks, causing destruction and slaughtering men, women, children and livestock.

I can hear the little Ghoul-Girl giggling. The Swamp Monster is hissing at me from outside. My dreams are nightmares, and the new scarecrow won’t stop bloody whistling, he even whistles in his sleep! He’s way to happy.

And Barte’s not back! I can’t sleep, and I can’t trust anything in the world enough to let go of my mothers pendulum, so my hands hurt too.

Ooh what’s that? Someone’s knocking at our door, downstairs. I’m in my bedroom.

Oh mother of colours! There’s an angry man in the house with an axe, looking for Barte Bee. He and Evelyn are screaming at each other downstairs. The axe-man wants a ransom for something.

Oh no. He wants money and blood to replace his daughter’s cherry. Barte Bee slept with his daughter. Evelyn’s in a rampage and is shouting for him to leave. Ooh she’s vicious. But the man wants Barte Bee.

Evelyn’s screaming. Oh no, so is the new Scare Crow! Oh pray for the colour of love! The scarecrow isn’t screaming any more, but Evelyn still is. He didn’t last long. The man thought he was Barte. The spirits have stopped screaming….

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