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After meeting the two other heirophants, Gweyne led me back through the blue and white hallways, down the colored energy shoots (she lied but not having to use them again!) and into the colored glass castle.

Once inside the castle’s elevator room, she handed me a thin golden key.

“Your room is down the hall and to the left. The third door. I will be around and knocking on your door at dawn.”

After she left, I navigated my way through the halls and into the third door on the left.

It was quite plain inside, with only a bucket  for a potty, a large bed, a small bowl which contained grapes and berries for a kitchen, and a rather small mirror glass which leaned diagonally against the wall. I didn’t take much notice of the mirror at first, to be frank. I did so later though, when I spotted my mother’s pendulum laying casually on the bed, in its reflection. I turned, and there it was!

The Pendulum of Cora was actually in my possession and sitting easily in reach! I picked it up and pocketed it. An odd feeling of confidence washed over me. I felt happy. I felt beautiful.

“I believe in my pendulum,” spoke the girl ghoul, who had appeared once again. I stepped back fearfully upon noting her presence.

“It’s not yours!” I told the girl. “It’s my mother’s!”

“It is mine! Your mother stole it from me! It is mine, give it back!”

I screamed, and the ghoul girl attacked me. She shoved me over, and jumped on top of me! Pulled my hair! And screeched, bringing pain into my ears! Before long, I could hardly breathe. I was drowning. She was somehow filling my lungs with water! I couldn’t breathe!

I had to do something.

I shoved her off, crawled to the bed and towards the door, passing the mirror.

I was so scared! And had been screaming for minutes…

Thankfully, it was over just as quick as it had started. She was gone, and my lungs were clear. I could breathe again.

The next morning at sunrise, like promised, Gweyne arrived and bore gifts. She’s very punctual. She handed me a diary wrapped in red ribbons. She explained it to be my Book of Shadow, but told me not to write or sketch in it yet.

She said: “This book is to be your identity. You should write everything in it that you find to be of some importance. You may write your deepest secrets within it. You may confess your sins within its pages. You may draw out your future, use it to record your studies. You are expected to use the cover as your birth certificate. Your book of shadows is your right to citizenship in the Six Worlds ruled by the Communion. The inside is yours and yours to share. But know from personal experience, only share your story with those closest to you. As a witch of the Seven Worlds, and for the inner sanity of yourself, write everything and anything you feel you must, for in my professional opinion, I believe that even the past. like the future, is changeable. I believe that all time is unsteady. History changes, and so do our perspectives, our beliefs and the details we once found of a great importance… The only things that don’t seem to change is what is already written and recorded, but in saying this, I ask you to write, only when today is up, as we have appointments to make. Now come.”

She led me to the elevator room and away we went, shooting up through the whale. We departed the lift on the same floor as yesterday – the one Gweyne led me down to meet the other two Heirophants – but instead of heading to the Council Chamber, Gweyne led me to the heart of the whale, instead.

We walked through another arched wooden door, leading us into a large dome shaped room. A white tree sat planted in the center the room. The tree leaves were all different colors and seemed to shiver its vibrations all throughout the atmosphere, creating a mixture of emotions and feelings for anyone who enters.

I felt angry and sad, depressed and hotheaded all at once, but overall, I somehow felt blissfully happy. Gweyne took a deep breath in and let the air sooth her. I did the same and felt my soul tickle.

“Step lightly, child. All the Heirophants of the ages live in death beneath your feet.” I looked to my feet and found the entire floor to be made of dirt. “This is a resting place.” Gweyne explained.

More like a cemetery…

“Hold my hand, little Bee.” I held her hand and she led me to stand before the tree. “Little Bee, I will have you meet the Pharaoh of the Seven Worlds. Alfred of the 14th age, may you reveal yourself in my own and the Little Bee’s presence?”

I watched keenly as the colorful leaves began to flicker and shake, and before I could believe my eyes, the leaves were fluttering gently and swooping softly around the room, and then there was a twelve year old boy standing before me. He had no arms! Only two legs and a body. He smiled at me before muttering:

“Bearer of the Cora’s, Bearer of the Burdened, Bearer of Unholy Things… Little Bee, Little Grim… Wood Witch. Wood Witch is your name.” Slowly and yet, swiftly, he lifted one leg high into a kicking stretch and then used his toe and foot to point at my new gift from Gweyne. “Write,” He instructed.

“Little Bee,” said Gweyne, “your identity has been chosen, and now you must write your name on the cover of your book of shadows. You are the Wood Witch.”

Upon our exit, Alfred told me to treat my burdens with care, and talk of them only among extremely close people, and then he winked at me. I don’t believe Gweyne caught the gesture. He knows I have it… He knows the pendulum is in my pocket! He is referring to the pendulum as one of the burdens I must care for, and oddly enough, I’ve got the impression he doesn’t want me to tell Gweyne about it!

Later on, Gweyne explained to me:

“Alfred is the Pharaoh and nobody denies the pharaoh. The pharaoh is the magic of the colors, he is the holiness of the universe. He is one with divine time and can see all big and small, past and future, and all that is important within the present. Nobody lies to the pharaoh, and nobody dies at the hands of the pharaoh. The ages are timed with the beginning of a pharaoh’s reign and ends with demise of him or her. And when Alfred dies or retires, another pharaoh shall one day take his place and give birth to the new age, just as he has done, and as the Pharaohs before him did so.

Alfred – The Colored Tree – The Pharaoh of the Communion – The Highest Ruler of The Seven Worlds – The Element of Air – The 14th Pharaoh – The 14th Color Jumper.

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