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The Anthony Glast Card, is Forest’s adaption of the Page of Wands (original) Tarot Card. As you can see by the many different edits of the images, the Coloured Card has been tossed around the promotional department for many different versions of my books (that are all the same damn story.)

The story incorporated from my book – A Fall Of Pharaohs – surrounding this “colored card” is best described from the following text:

I have watched this island for a thousand years. I’ve watched the same residents die, hundreds and hundreds of times. I’ve witnessed the death and destruction of the wood witch, the survival and solitude of the red guard, the trial and exile of the mirror man. And what I’ve learnt about their constant fighting – is that no matter who wins and loses, survives or dies – Crime Island always ends the same… In flames and games… I’ve watched the other colour jumpers toss and turn and try their hands at a plot to twist this not to knot, but they seldom make the shot. In the end, only two colour jumpers ever remain. Claire, who stands for death, and I, who stands for destruction…
The man they call the demon flew around the island, across its vast bushland, its skinny little creeks, over the few houses Crime Island contained, the crops around the shops and down Maine Street. The shadow slipped into the bushy hills and there stood the man with grey hair. The colours jumper of fire watched him call a chant, this is where it begins. The beginning of the end starts with him…. In a sudden twist of fate, the man was tossed backwards by a sudden blast of white light. What looked like daggers ripped through him as he fell.

Page 1, A Fall Of Pharaohs

Original Meaning for Page Of Wands

Check out Biddy Tarot’s description of the Page Of Wands, for a more standard interpretation of the card, by clicking the button below

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