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The Judgement Of Sanity Card, is Zakky MC’s adaption of the Judgement (original) Tarot Card. As you can see by the many different edits of the images, the Coloured Card has been tossed around the promotional department for many different versions of my books (that are all the same damn story.)

The story incorporated from my book – A Fall Of Pharaohs, The Canvas Curse – surrounding this “colored card” is best described from the following text:

Vivianna Nickels was not accustomed to waking up in a wet patch of muddy grass. She thought it quite disgusting, thank you very much! “Oh heavens!” She cried. “My pretty yellow dress is ruined.” Her pretty yellow dress looked sad and sloppy with its icky mud stain covering the front and back. Her husband wouldn’t be happy, it had cost them a pretty penny to have such a dress made. “Where is my husband?” Vivianna wandered while she lay in the mud, thinking over the events that led her to such a situation. Her memory was vague at such a point but she did remember asking a nurse the very same question, just before… Well in truth she couldn’t remember what happened after that. It all happened so quick, so fast, so tragically.
Isaak Norman soon found Vivianna where she lay, sitting in a puddle of mud. He offered her his hand. Oh it still smells horribly of fish! Isaak helped poor Vivianna up. “Lady Nickels, are you alright?” Vivianna had never liked Isaak. He was unhygienic, smelly and always wore his filthy long black hair in a slender black plat. He was the very essence of a grub. His friend’s a grub too. Marabelle used to call Mari and Isaak; Crazy and Grub. But they were simply just two grubs, Vivianna had an inclining to believe Mari to be saner than she’d first thought, though she couldn’t exactly remember why.
“I’m fine Isaak, please don’t touch me with those filthy hands.” She slapped his huge chunks of flesh away.
“So sorry Milady, just trying to brush the grass of ya.” Oh you are a filthy man, aren’t you? Vivianna looked around and found herself surrounded by mango trees and community members. Dumb looking community members.
“Isaak, what’s wrong them all?”
“I don’t know Milady, they look like zombies to me.” Vivianna scoffed at that answer. He is such a dimwitted fool! Crazy believes in witches and Grub believes in zombies! Idiots! Though when Vivianna really looked, the dummies did look an awful lot like zombies.
“That cannot be so. Look there’s Charlotte.” Vivianna pointed to the young and beautiful brunette who was climbing a fruit tree. Charlotte was the dress maker’s daughter, Vivianna had heard her to be a hussy. Charlotte reached up to grab a mango but missed and fell from the tree with a thud. Vivianna watched as the adulteress stood back up – perfectly fine – and tried climbing the tree again. “Isaak, it’s so early in the morning, what does that foolish man Mike Morda believe he’s doing, having employees work at this time in the morning? It’s almost human slavery!” Isaak went to speak but Vivianna cut him off. “I didn’t even know we had a mango farm here on the island.”
“Vivianna, I don’t believe Mike Morda rules this island any more.”
“Oh don’t be preposterous, Isaak! Of course he does. Who else would?”
“I don’t know. But I also don’t know why the mayor would be picking mangoes…” Vivianna followed Isaak’s pointing finger to where Mayor Mike stood picking mangoes from the tree. Why the devil is he wearing a black robe?
“Oh good god!” Vivianna almost screamed. “If he’s picking mangoes, does that mean I was?”
“No!” Vivianna assured herself. “Surely I was monitoring all of this.”

Page 35 & 36, A Fall Of Pharaohs; The Canvas Curse

Original meaning for Judgement

Check out Biddy Tarot’s description of the Judgement, for a more standard interpretation of the card, by clicking the button below.

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