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The Queen Of Threats Card, is Forest’s adaption of the Queen Of Wands (original) Tarot Card. As you can see by the many different edits of the images, the Coloured Card has been tossed around the promotional department for many different versions of my books (that are all the same damn story.)

The story incorporated from my book – The Canvas Curse – surrounding this “colored card” is best described from the following text:

Willow is coming! Shit on a stick and call me Sethro! Willow is coming! Drake had only just tripped off the back steps as Willow Grim came trudging into the house. She walked straight up to Robert and snatched his rum on the rocks out of his hand. “About time.” She looks nice tonight. Robert remembered the first night he’d met Willow Grim, she’d been wearing a black hood and cloak, she looked terrifying in it. Truth be told, so had Annabelle. Willow usually wore rags and singlets, but Robert was quite impressed with how the head witch had decided to dress tonight. She was wearing a blue jacket, black stockings and black shiny boots that were beginning to crinkle up with wrinkles. “Annabelle, where have you been for the past hour? I summoned you at the beach.”
“I was busy cooking dinner.”
“While everyone else was hard at work, cleaning up the beach?”
“What happened at the beach?”
“Don’t lie to me, Annabelle. You know what happened. Where is the survivor. Sethro filled me in.”
“Sethro is a liar.” Robert announced.
Willow turned to him. “You want to talk about lying, little man?” Willow had Robert up against the wall with her hand at his neck in a matter of seconds. Annabelle squealed. “Shut up Annabelle.”
“Let go of my husband RIGHT NOW!”
“Why should I do that?” The witch snapped back.
“Because I am a member of your coven and it’s against Communion law for you to harm kin of another coven member.”
“It’s also against Communion law to lie to your head priestess.”
“You’re not my head priestess. I resigned from your coven years ago!”
“Is that so?” Willow smirked and let Robert go. He dropped like a baby to the floor, stood up and went to make himself another rum while eying off the two witches. Psychopath! “Well I have some news for you, Annabelle, you can’t just resign! You can’t leave the coven! We share the same miserable burden of this island and it’s responsibilities and you will not deny your equal. You are a guardian of the canvas curse and you agreed in blood to protect it…” Here we go. Robert sighed, Willow liked nothing more than to remind her coven members of their already broken oaths and responsibilities.
“What is that?” Willow was glaring at the bowl of soup remains sitting casually on the floor. Oh no! I forgot about that. Willow looked to the kitchen counter where two other bowls of soup were sitting. “Three bowls, two diners?” Willow smirked. “Surely the two of you didn’t make this for me? Am I correct in assuming such a conspiracy, Annabelle?” She opened her hand and the bowl zipped across the air and landed in the head witch’s palm. She investigated the contents and pulled out a black strand of hair. “Where is he, Annabelle?”
Robert watched as Annabelle betrayed him. She raised her hand and pointed to exactly where Drake had run. Willow followed the hand to the back steps. Once there, she stared long and hard into the forest and then took off into the sky. She stole our rake! “Alright, now we snap them!” Robert said excitedly.

Pages 10 & 11, A Fall Of Pharaohs, The Canvas Curse

Robert had successfully destroyed twelve of the canvases before he heard the whizzing sound of a witch above him. “Shoot!” Robert raced up and out of the cave, and into the shed interior. He threw the plank of wood onto the hole. PLONK! Willow’s landed outside! Shit on a stick and call me Sethro! Robert prepared himself to look as if he’d had nothing to do with the resent destruction of the canvases. And so Willow entered. “Willow.” Robert called from the boxes.
Don’t play innocent with me, Mr Cooney! I know exactly what you’ve done.”
“Did you know that Annabelle wears hair dye?” Calm and collective, that’s the way Robert. His mother used to say that before she was swallowed up by the witch monstrosity.
ENOUGH!” Snapped the witch. She swished her hand and into the wall the plank of wood went. It slammed into the steel with a rumbling like thunder. Jesus Christ! I think my heart just stopped. It certainly scared Robert, and while he tried to relax, Willow descended into the hole. I’m screwed. Willow reappeared two minutes later. ‘”YOU FOOLISH DIMWITTED FOOL!”
“I think the kettle has boiled, would you like a cuppa?” Robert moved to leave the shed, but felt a paranormal force hold him back. The next thing he knew, he was in the wall, creating a rumble of thunder like the plank of wood had done.
YOU MAY HAVE JUST KILLED EVERY RESIDENT ON THIS ISLAND! YOU HAVE JUST BEGAN A WAR, MR COONEY! I pray to god you’re happy with your actions because now we are all screwed.” Willow shook her head. “Sethro Pendle, I summon you.”

The Sand Sorcerer appeared via a breeze of flying sand. “Yes your priestess?”
“Collect all the canvases and take them to the asylum. Annabelle is no longer a member of our coven, she’s received what she wished. She cannot be trusted to protect the canvas curse no longer. She has been deemed irresponsible and will be forced into retiring her guardianship.”
“I understand.” And with a whoosh, Sethro disintegrated into a breeze of dirt and flew on into the hole, collecting up all the paintings in a vortex of dirt, sand and rock. He vanished at the end of the man cave.
As for you.” Willow turned to Robert, grabbed him by the collar and tossed him into the hole. “I hope you rot in the blackest part of hell.” Willow smiled down at him as she moved the plank of wood across the hole. Annabelle will think of me as a disgrace!

Page 12 & 13, A Fall Of Pharaohs, The Canvase Curse

So, it’s hard to fathom the whole meaning of why Willow Grim is known as The Queen Of Threats from that slippet of information, so to give you some context; Willow Grim is kind of a big talker who throws her threats around generously but doesn’t often follow through with them. Her words really have no value.

Original meaning for Queen Of Wands

Check out Biddy Tarot’s description of the Queen Of Wands, for a more standard interpretation of the card, by clicking the button below.

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