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The Resist, Repair Or Reap Card, is Zakky MC’s adaption of the Five Of Cups (original) Tarot Card. As you can see by the many different edits of the images, the Coloured Card has been tossed around the promotional department for many different versions of my books (that are all the same damn story.)

The story incorporated from my book – The Canvas Curse – surrounding this “colored card” is best described from the following text:

Annabelle threw Robert a fresh pouch of tobacco upon opening the hole he was trapped within. Finally, freedom! “I’m quite disappointed in you, Robert. Do you have any idea what you’ve done?”
“I snapped a couple of canvases, got abused by Willow and then got tossed into a hole. I shat my pants several times and felt the warm sensation of my own piss dribbling down my back and past me ears. I also starved. I swear I’m dying of thirst, and I waited what? Three or four days for your to finally let me out of here… To think your disappointed in me? I am disgusted in you!” And your filthy coven.
“Do you think the canvas curse is some kind of joke, Robert?”
“Oh no! I think it’s a sick prison created by individuals who can’t stand up to their enemies, just like the cave your Head Priestess locked me within!”
“She’s not my Head Priestess any-more, thanks to you. I got banished from my coven, a coven that Willow swore I could never leave willingly.”
“What colour is your hair by the way?” Robert watched his wife flinch at the question. “And when did you start dying it?”
“When it started to go grey. I’m old Robert.” But I thought the colours restored your youth, the same as it does the zombies… “I thought you being a guardian of the canvas curse, wouldn’t have that problem?”
“It doesn’t always work the way its theorised, Robert. Just like your foolish plan. Goodnight Robert.” And then she closed the hole! Robert sat in darkness for another day or two, long enough for Robert to realise the mango transport ferry would have surely have left by now. “I forgot to ask about Drake!” He complained. “Did she even help him? Did he get away?”
Several hours later, Robert’s questions were answered undesirably when the sound of Drake’s voice could be heard calling out his name. “Robert! Annabelle! Robert!” There were other voices too, four more.
Robert ya bloody wanker!”
“Oh Mari, you are disgusting! Just because the teenager uses the word, doesn’t mean you have too.”
“Bloody hell Vivianna, it’s a bloody great word. WANKER!” Robert listened as the wanker calling wanker laughed a boisterous loud laugh. “Ay, Isaak. You’re a bloody wanker! Bloody hell, that’s what we should call Drake.”

Page 74 & 75, A Fall Of Pharoahs, The Canvas Curse

The quote doesn’t exactly explain anything about the card without further context. The context is: Annabelle (in the text) is a witch that seems to have her own agenda, and she’s extremely shady. No one really knows whose side she’s on, or what she’s up to. But she seems to be both trying to fix things, stop things, and push her own mysterious agenda aswell.

Original meaning for Five Of Cups

Check out Biddy Tarot’s description of the Five Of Cups, for a more standard interpretation of the card, by clicking the button below.

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