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The Canvas Curse Card, is Sharna MC’s adaption of the Ace Of Pentacles (original) Tarot Card. As you can see by the many different edits of the images, the Coloured Card has been tossed around the promotional department for many different versions of my books (that are all the same damn story.)

The story incorporated from my book – The Canvas Curse – surrounding this “colored card” is best described from the following text:

Setting out into the paddock, Robert waved and smiled disorderly to his pet cows and one lone horse as he waddled blissfully past them and up to the shed. Life was great, and it was about to get better. He unlocked the lock, slipped into the shed and flicked on the over head lights, revealing the unusually boring keeping space that only housed unused arts and crafts materials.

But what Robert was seeking didn’t rest in such an obvious space – unlike the key for the padlock. Instead what Robert desired, he knew would be found in the underground man hole that a large plank of wood was covering. Knowingly short on time, Robert quickly riffled around the shed and moved the heavy timber square plank, revealing the hidden hole.

He pursued a flash-light and descended daringly into the man cave. Robert Cooney stumbled down into the man hole and was relieved to find it was quite spacious inside despite the cramped hole and set of steps he had to squeeze through. And what else was he amazed to find inside?

His salvation? Depends on who you asked…

A boat to paddle away on? No.

How about one hundred and fifty black and white canvases all with fine lined markings of a witches work imprinted on them? Yes.

Robert had finally re-set his eyes on the canvas curse after forty six years. Every painting was masterfully printed in black and white and only portrayed the most exceptional portraits of the very familiar faces that had been spotted around the island.

“Ahh.. The Canvas Curse.” A good share of it just hanging from the walls…. Robert touched one and it awoke softly with a lost misunderstood voice, crying for help! “Help me… Help us…We don’t belong here… Don’t let them take us… Please…” And then the one painting woke the rest… And they all started crying. But it was more like a screaming! It was pain to the ears for anyone who had the regrettable displeasure of hearing them. “Help us… Help me! We don’t belong here! Were lost…. Were broken… Save us…. Oh God!! The witches! The witches!”

“Argh!” Robert screeched. “Shh… Be quiet! Please. I’m trying to save you. I’m going to help you. Just please be quiet!” He told them. They didn’t quieten. They got louder.

Annoyed and frustrated, Robert took a firm grasp of the closest painting. He ripped it from the wall, looked it over. It was imprinted with the face of an unhygienic looking man that seemed to have a plat. He turned it over where one of the witches had inscribed the name of the victim. Isaak Norman. It was Isaak Norman’s canvas. Isaak’s curse. His soul was trapped magically inside.

The foolish old drunk raised the canvas high above his head and sent it smashing, shattering into the concrete layered rock floor below. It snapped. It shattered. Isaak’s soul was set free. The broken canvas splinters cried no more but instead sent a shrieking loud crack of sound across the island, for all to hear.

Page 69 & 70 of The Canvas Curse by Zakkarie Dio

Original meaning for Ace of Pentacles

Check out Biddy Tarot’s description of the Ace Of Pentacles, for a more standard interpretation of the card, by clicking the button below.

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