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The Pendulum Of Cora Card, is Maria’s adaption of the Ace Of Cups (original) Tarot Card. As you can see by the many different edits of the images, the Coloured Card has been tossed around the promotional department for many different versions of my books (that are all the same damn story.)

The story incorporated from my book – The Canvas Curse – surrounding this “colored card” is best described from the following text:

I watched her with bewilderment and curiosity. Until she noticed me. She was admiring herself in my mother’s looking glass – my mother owns dozens of mirrors but never looks in the half of them – with my mother’s most precious piece of jewelry.
Hey! That’s my mother’s pendulum!” I shouted – bluntly and without thinking – scaring the little girl. The Pendulum Of Cora is a green stone that dangles from a golden thread of chain. The girl was shocked and frightened to see that I’d caught her, and soon disappeared. She just faded. She was a ghost. A ghoul!
The pendulum dropped. I watched it, in the reflection of the mirror, as it fell from the ghoul girl’s hand and drop to the floor.

The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows, Diary Entry 1

“So do you have it, child?” Asked the High Heirophant.
I didn’t understand and looked back to Gweyne.
“I didn’t feel it’s presence, Buckly.” Gweyne said.
“Very well, then. Does she know where it is? Does her mother still hold the dam curse of magic?”
“Little Bee.” Gweyne lifted my head up, to look at her while she was speaking. “Upon your arrival, when the folk learnt of your name and identity, the trees began to whisper, and soon the folk all over the worlds began to gossip. Talk and chatter has spread high and wide, tall and thin, and round and round the communities of the seven high worlds and the many lower ones beneath us. You’re as famous as your dear mother once was, and now her legacy lives on through you…”
“And the legacy of it.” Buckly interrupted. “Haste now, Gweyne. Stop babbling, we have places to be! Spit it out! Ask her if she has the dam pendulum!”
“Of course.” Said Gweyne. “When your mother ditched the Communion, she stole and took an object with her, known as the Pendulum of Cora, or as the peasants call it, the Pendulum of Youth. It is a green stone that hangs from a golden chain. So dear child, please advise myself and the council, have you any idea, where it is that the pendulum rests? Does your mother still have it? Do you have it? Do you know where it is kept? Have you ever laid eyes on the precious piece of jewelry I speak of? I imagine your mother must have been quite fond of it.”
The pendulum? Is that what this is about? I thought to myself

The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows, Diary Entry 4

The Pendulum of Youth was created in the 13th age by the means of all the heirophants joining their powers and sacrificing their blessed heart charkas in a blood and coloured ritual, as a gift to the Pharaoh Claire the Fair.

The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows, Study Notes Six

“Claire was so magical that her hair appeared to be a different colour and or tone to every person who saw her.”
I interrupted; “excuse me Brother Philly…”
“Yes, Madam Bee.”
“You said that my, I mean that the Heirophant of Scorpio-”
“The traitor Heirophant of Scorpio.” Brother Philly corrected me. Ooh he’s making my blood boil…
“You said that Busbernith Bee killed the Pharaoh, but you haven’t mentioned anything about the Pendulum of Cora?”
“The Pendulum of Cora?” Philly frowned. He doesn’t know what I’m talking about…
“The Pendulum of Youth.”
“Ah the Pendulum of Youth. An old fable. I personally don’t believe any such thing ever existed. It’s an old wives tale. A story that’s all, just a story.” Well no its not! It’s sitting in my pocket right now but I better not tell him that.

The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows, Study Notes 2

Original meaning for Ace of Cups

Check out Biddy Tarot’s description of the Ace Of Cups, for a more standard interpretation of the card, by clicking the button below.

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