What is The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows? 

The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows is a derivative of my book, The Wood Witch.

The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows is what I’m currently in the process of uploading to my website, for readers to enjoy, completely free of charge. If I was publishing this after having The Wood Witch published, it would be marketed as “Exclusive Content.”

The Wood Witch is a book I’m currently in the process of editing. It’s the first book in The Wood Witch series. I plan on publishing it in 2020.

If it is part of another book, why publish it online?

I’ve decided to publish the Book Of Shadows online due to manuscript issues with The Wood Witch, the issue being that there is WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

While the content being uploaded is unnecessary for the book; The Wood Witch, The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows is fundamentally important for The Wood Witch series as a whole.

What kind of a story is The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows?

The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows is sort of like Wookipedia for the Star Wars universe, though instead of being published by fans, it’s my official “Say So” on the history of The Wood Witch Universe. 

Another aspect that makes The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows different from the Star Wars Wookipedia site is that the content does follow a character centered plot line. It’s a slow plot line, but there is one.

The story follows a young little witch who falls through a hole in the universe and winds up in a colony of other worlds, which are full of strange and mystical things. And by strange and mystical things, I mean: populations of people made up of witch’s, wizards, fairies, elves, mermaids and heaps of other mythical races. It also has living scarecrow world leaders, a floating whale with a city built inside and on-top of it, and giant butterflies with carriages on top of them to transport citizens of the mythical colonies.

Originally the whole story was told through the little girl’s personal diary entries, being The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows. However, because I’m publishing it online, I’ve decided to add an extra layer to the book, to kind of add some context, and make it easier to understand. The extra layer is that some historian or government official or media outlet has gotten his/her hands on the Book Of Shadows – which he refers to as “Extracts” – and is currently in the process of dissecting, reporting on, and basically creating a form of study for.

What genre does The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows fall into?

Young Adult & Fantasy.

When can I read the The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows? 

Basically you can read it whenever you want. It’s completely free.

I will be uploading and sharing new parts of The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows on the 28th of every month. In each part, there will be about 20-30 pages (15-20 diary entries and 5-10 extra info pages.)

How do I start reading it?

Click on the link START HERE to start from the very first page (kind of like a prologue,) from that page you got to the link that says DIARY ENTRY 1, click on it, and after that you basically just click NEXT PAGE at the bottom of each page to continue the story.

Alternatively, you can go to the INDEX PAGE and read whatever parts of the book you want to. I’d recommend reading it from the start though.

A final note…

If you choose to read The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows, I do hope you enjoy it. There are some cringe worthy pieces of writing in there – which is super embarrassing – but hopefully you can endure it.