The following extracts on other planetary political systems, worlds, and alien life forms have been sourced from the writings of a Miss Willow Bee (Grim.)

The writings are of what seem to be the personal thoughts and observations of Miss Willow Bee (Grim) [who is alleged to be The Wood Witch.]

An unidentified Mrs Vivianna Nickels provided the extracts [The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows] to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) for review and documentation on the 12th November 2018.

Permission to publish extracts from the Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows was granted on the 15th April 2019, by the Attorney General, Christian Porter, under the Freedom Of Information Act (1982).


Willow Bee-Grim’s Diary Entries have been published in numerical order where a diary entry is provided. Unfortunately, due to the age of the text, [The Wood Witch’s Book Of Shadows] certain diary entries are either unreadable, missing [either torn out and deliberately destroyed, or accidentally torn out and destroyed, or have been torn out and stolen, or have been removed from the book of shadows for reasons unknown to the authorities studying the text.] The missing pages may also be the result of the paper (the entries are written on) being too worn out and too old, and having naturally disintegrated.

The estimated age of the book of shadows is 120 – 150 years of age.

Due to the chaotic layout of the book of shadows, information profiles for individuals in the text have been created to help identify, trace and document the individuals throughout the Wood Witch’s tales and claims.

Other information has also been disclosed into separate profiles, for a quick reference for the reader(s), trying to understand the text. The other information includes profiles such as information on the worlds the Wood Witch describes, such as The World Of Dobbingson, The World Of Scorpio, etc.

There are also profiles providing species information, such as the Scarecrow, The Coco-Leg and the Octoman/men.

Artifact profiles, such as the Pendulum Of Cora, have also been provided.







(C) Text Zakky M-C 2019

This is a work of fiction, and all characters, places and institutions, except those used in a fictional manner, are fictional, and any other similarities to real or dead persons, is coincidental.