Zakky’s Misrule Review

The following review is a collection of my personal thoughts and comments on the book, Misrule, by Jodi McAlister, the third book in the Valentine series.

Excerpts from the book, Misrule, have been used (without the authors permission) to highlight some of my favorite parts of the book, and give readers of the review a taste of what makes the book so great. I highly recommend it.


There have been rumours swirling for months now that I’m actually a murderer, that I helped Jenny and Kel kill Marie. Sure, they’re mostly online conspiracy theories that no one except Julian reeeeally takes seriously (I think), but they’re out there.
But with this? Now?
I could be arrested. We could both be arrested.
The knock comes just as I’ve almost decided that our best option is to run, to go back to the Summer Door and pray it’s still open and fling ourselves through and beg the Crown Prince to have mercy on us.
‘Pearl Linford?’ The cop says when I open it.
‘Yes,’ I reply numbly.
You are under arrest for the murder of –
“I’ve had a call from your sister, Paradise. I understand that Philippa Kostakidis is here with you.”
And we have a warrant for her arrest, and also yours –

Misrule is the last book in the Valentine series and it does not disappoint. Once again, Pearl is in trouble. Certain events that leads up to, and occurred in the last two books – Valentine and Ironheart – have dramatically back fired on our favorite protagonist. And some how Pearl has so to wriggle her way out of 1) the consequences of her own actions, and 2) the consequences of the fairies actions, and 3) the consequences of the riders actions, all the while she attempts to gather information out of coma patient, try to open a doorway to another universe, stop herself from abusing a power she’s learnt to wield that is strictly fairy business, oh, and somehow she’s got to rescue her boyfriend so that he can magic the town of Haylesford back to normal.

I lied, there was one thing that sort of borders on the lines of disappointment, and that would be the ending. The ending to the series is way too fast, too confusing and too choppy. That being said, I do believe Jodi Mcalister has left some of the ending up to the readers interpretation because to me I think what Pearl and the Crown Prince talk about could go both ways… So I don’t know.
The book is really good though and I recommend the whole series to every reader who is a fan of both YA and The Cruel Prince.

Review by Zakky MC


The third thrilling book in Jodi McAlister’s page-turning Valentine series. 
Things that happen sometimes when your boyfriend is a magical fairy prince: he gets kidnapped by his older brother and whisked away to fulfil his destiny in their magical fairy kingdom.

But Pearl Linford is not having that. It’s time for a rescue mission. Pearl told Finn she was coming to get him and she’s not going to let anyone in her way.

But will Finn want to be saved? And should she have listened to all those people who told her he wasn’t worth saving?



Jodi is the author of the Valentine series, a young adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy series about smart girls, small towns, and scary fairies. There are three books in the series available: Valentine (2017), Ironheart (2018), and Misrule (2019), all published by Penguin Teen Australia. If Picnic at Hanging Rock meets Holly Black sounds like something you’d be into, these are the books for you.

Jodi is originally from Kiama, a seaside holiday town on the south coast of New South Wales, and has lived in a bunch of different cities: Canberra (where she did her undergrad degrees), Wollongong (where she lived while she did her PhD in Sydney), and Hobart (where she held her first academic job) among them. Currently, she lives in Melbourne, where she works as a Lecturer in Writing and Literature at Deakin University.

When she’s not writing about clever girls and cunning fairies, Jodi is an academic. Her research focuses on representations of love in popular culture and fiction. It means that reading romance novels and watching (and let’s be real, writing huge amounts about) The Bachelor/ette is technically work for her.

You can find Jodi on Twitter at @JodiMcA, where she tweets regularly about her research, her writing, cool things she finds interesting, her hero worship of Kate Bush, and her slightly-too-intense passion for The Bold and the Beautiful.

(She’s not joking about that last one. In 2015, she got invited to visit the set of The Bold and the Beautiful, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to her in her entire life.)


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And the amazing photo of the three Valentine books with Misrule facing outwards was taken by the incredible Ashleigh at midford_thelogophile. Be sure to check out her amazing Instagram page that is linked above. Thank you so much for allowing me to use the fantastic photo in my short review of Misrule!